BERLIN – 07/11/2017

Matrixworks CEO & Co-Founder Daniel Keller, speaks about how enterprises are being empowered with collaboration in VR

Watch Daniel’s intervention at the last Augmented World Expo in Munich, and learn more about who we are and how collaboration in VR can optimize your business:

BERLIN – 19/10/2017

MatrixWorks Launches Envision and Unlocks Potential of Virtual Reality for Enterprises

Today MatrixWorks launches its virtual reality platform Envision that enables companies to collaborate in their own virtual environments. It offers a rich toolset for various scenarios such as design reviews, factory planning, interactive trainings or architectural walkthroughs. A modular build allows companies to obtain their own individual VR solution quickly and cost-effectively.

MatrixWorks Envision helps companies in industries such as engineering, manufacturing, automotive, retail, construction and architecture to leverage virtual reality to better involve employees, investors and clients in all the steps along the value chain: The layout of a new factory and its workflows can be evaluated in an immersive review long before the first machine is running. Investors and city planners can visit a residential development before it’s built. And a car sales personnel can find the perfect look and feel and configure features together with the client in VR before the car is produced.

There is enormous potential for virtual reality in the business context that is largely untapped”, explains Daniel Keller, CEO and Co-Founder of MatrixWorks: “according to Goldman Sachs, the market will grow to €16bn until 2025. By then, it will almost be as large as the consumer facing market for VR solutions.”

MatrixWorks Envision is specifically focused on providing more comfort to the users through features such as advanced screen-sharing and the potential integration of external Enterprise-Resource-Planning systems.

“The most important goal for VR in the enterprise sector at the moment is to create real value by improving processes along the whole value chain, solving real problems and ultimately driving revenue. MatrixWorks Envision is a big milestone towards this goal,” – says Maximilian Seifert, CTO of MatrixWorks.

Product features

  • Integration of external Data Sources: Upon request, MatrixWorks can integrate other company internal data sources to work with in the virtual space, for instance from SAP or CRM systems.
  • Collaborative Features: Envision features one of the most advanced screen-sharing functions in virtual reality. Participants can view, navigate and command other participants’ screens directly in VR space.
  • Reduced motion sickness: The platform deploys a high frame rate and teleportation technology to reduce motion sickness which results in nausea, vomiting, pallor, sweating, fatigue, drowsiness, disorientation.  
  • Unlimited number of participants: Dozens of participants can join the VR meeting – given the necessary hardware/computing capabilities are set up/installed.

Areas of deployment

  • Design review and engineering collaboration: MatrixWorks Envision allows enterprises to evaluate digital prototypes, enable design insights, detect design errors and to cut prototyping costs. Engineers and designers can collaborate in a shared environment between teams across the globe in a cost-efficient manner.
  • Meetings in VR: companies working on complex products with a high, permanent need for coordination benefit the most: milestone discussions, productivity workflow meetings or presentations using MatrixWorks Envision offer a much richer experience than video conferencing.
  • Virtual training for operation & maintenance of the machines: training of distributors, customer support or equipment maintenance – safer, faster and more productive in VR.  
  • Layout planning: the layout of factories, stores and other facilities can be planned collaboratively, which helps companies save valuable time and money and avoid costly errors.
  • Sales support: collaborative VR-supported product presentations for configurable products or special equipment, e.g. complex agricultural machines or commercial vehicles, provide an effective way to drive sales and increase customer satisfaction at the same time.
  • Architectural reviews: allow architects to involve clients more extensively in the design process and match end results to clients’ expectations.

About MatrixWorks GmbH

MatrixWorks was founded by Daniel Keller together with HitFox Group and is headquartered in Berlin, Germany.

MatrixWorks unlocks potential of virtual Reality for enterprises. The company uses innovative proprietary software to bring new perspectives and improved performance to immersive virtual collaboration. Its core product, MatrixWorks Envision is a collaboration platform providing businesses and workers with instant access to VR.


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